Car Interior Magic

What is car interior magic? Interior Magic offers many interior restoration services with car leather repair being just one of them.  This is an example of a Lexus seat with interior damage repaired by our trained technicians.  It isn’t magic, but a unique technique to get ride of the lines, fading, aging, and damage to car seats. Our work speaks for itself!

We work on all makes and models and also on leather, vinyl and velour upholstery.

Contact us for a free estimate.  We cover the North Shore in Massachusetts and central NH to the Seacoast. We have added a tech in the Vermont area too. Contact Pete Chisamore at 855-468-6242.


We can also handle your paintless dent repair needs, Alloy Wheel and Headlight restoration repair, and replacing worn dashboard button graphics.

Let us perform some magic to your car!

Fall Fever for Cars!

Is your car ready for fall? Tailgating season is here – let Interior Magic New England prepare your car for company, football, and fun! We offer a variety of services including seat cleaning, alloy wheel repair, stain removal and more.  Let us tackle your car’s problems. Get a Free Estimate now. If you need interior car service or dent removal, we cover the North Shore in Massachusetts and central NH to the Seacoast. We have added a tech in the Keene to Claremont NH area and Brattleboro to Springfield VT markets.  Contact Pete Chisamore at 855-468-6242. Contact him via email for a Free Estimate too.


Leather & Vinyl Brush before & after

Graphic Replacement for Worn out Dashboard Buttons

If you aren’t familiar with the term graphic replacement – it basically means the buttons are worn off on your dashboard.  Interior Magic can replace them with a simple and specialized interior repair. Did you know that sometimes a women’s lotions rubs off the graphic designs?  You may see a bright green, red or blue mark where you had an up arrow or some other symbol normally for your air conditioning controls.

We have graphic replacements for Chevy, Buick, or GMC buttons that are rubbing off.  This is a quick fix and we would love to schedule an appointment for you. Interior Magic is the leader in automotive appearance reconditioning and this is one service we provide. For a complete list of how we can make your car look and feel new again, click here.  Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

For a FREE estimate and quick quote, click here. We cover the North Shore in Massachusetts and central NH to the Seacoast. Contact Pete Chisamore at 855-468-4262. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.